About me

I decided to become a Doula and Childbirth Educator because I believe that there is nothing more rewarding than supporting women through the most important journey of their life and helping to make their experience the absolute best that it can be. I’m passionate about supporting women through the most important journey of their life – their journey into motherhood and beyond.


For nearly 20 years, I have worked as a Marketing Manager in different jobs including retail, charity and insurance. I have been privileged to have some fantastic jobs.
However it was only after the birth of my 2nd daughter in 2016 that I realised what I’m really meant to be doing with my life!

I discovered a passion for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and babies. When I found out that lactation consultants were no longer freely available as they had been when I had my first child, I also decided that I wanted to train to help support women with their breastfeeding journeys so I trained to be a Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteer with Families and Babies Dorset (FAB) and passed the course in February 2017. I volunteer at weekly groups, supporting mums who need information and guidance with breastfeeding.

I set up my Birth Journey business, choosing the name because birth is a journey – from pregnancy, through labour to the birth of your baby and beyond, into the postnatal period. I decided to help to educate women and their partners through informal Birth ROCKS Bournemouth workshops which I run monthly, and to become a Birth and Postnatal Doula and Childbirth Educator.

I completed my doula training with Birth Bliss Academy on their Doula UK accredited course in July 2018 and I trained with Birth ROCKS academy to become a Birth ROCKS Childbirth Mentor. I am now a mentored birth and postnatal doula through Doula UK.

I don’t just want my support to end when your baby arrives, if you need me then I will be here to support you in the early days too.

Whatever you choose, and whatever road your labour takes you down, I will be by your side to support you for as long as you need me.

As part of my ongoing learning I attend workshops, follow a lot of blogs/facebook groups and websites related to childbirth, doulaing and breastfeeding and this helps me keep up to date with latest facts and figures.

I am also part of the Dorset Doulas group and the Dorset Birthworkers Alliance which helps me to network with other professionals in this field.