Birth Services

Once you have decided to hire me as your birth doula, we will meet twice before you go into labour. It’s really important that we meet up so that we can get to know each other and I can fully understand what sort of birth experience you want. I will do my best to help you relaxed and prepared for the birth by providing you with information and recommending classes as appropriate.

  • I will be on call 24 hours for you from week 38 of your pregnancy – for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post your due date (this is known as the birth month as due dates are notoriously unreliable).
  • You can call me anytime within this period with any concerns or questions you may have and I’ll endeavour to help give you peace of mind.
  • You can call me as soon as you’d like once you’re in labour. I will come to you as soon as you want me to and will stay as long as you’d like until after your baby is born, at which point, when you’re ready, I’ll say my goodbyes and leave you to bond with your new bundle of joy. I’ll return at some point during the first week or 2 (as agreed) to see how you’re feeling, talk through your birth experience and meet your new addition. I can also help with breastfeeding support.
  • During your labour, I can take photographs or video if you’d like.
  • I will have a back up doula in place who you will also meet in the unlikely event that I can’t get to you. Although highly unlikely, I like to make sure that we have all bases covered and that I do not let you down.


Whilst I am mentored under the Doula UK mentor scheme, I have decided to do the first 4 bookings for half price!  So the birth package not only offers you support through your pregnancy, your entire birth month and after the birth of your baby, but is also excellent value for money.