Look around at your clean, tidy house. Enjoy it. Once you have little ones running around, drawing on the walls, shedding continuous crumbs and emptying every single thing they can find all over the floor a hundred times a day, it’ll never be the same. Plus….you won’t have time to clean the house properly anymore. 2. Shower every day. Twice. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Stay in there as long as you like. Notice there is no one constantly opening the shower door and no child crying. In fact, you don’t even need to worry about a child crying. Ah bliss…..you can even take aRead More →

To my flower, Lily Rose. After you were born, I felt no pressure to ‘force’ you into your own bed like I did with your sister, Lola. I really regretted the first night at home with Lola, the hours of trying to settle her in the carrycot, the stress for all of us as she wouldn’t stop crying, the confusion as to why, and the guilt. Oh the relentless, endless guilt that I felt when I realised how much she had needed to be with me those first few nights and the anger at myself for listening to the ‘experts’ and the well-meaning relatives andRead More →

As the end of my year off on maternity leave was approaching, I met with my boss for an update and mentioned that I was still breastfeeding. To back track slightly, this was my second maternity leave, as I’d taken a year off after the birth of my first daughter too, but I didn’t return to that job as they made it impossible to return to work on a part-time basis. I had a 4-month battle with them but they were adamant that they didn’t want any part time or job share roles within the (56-strong) team. This was in spite of job share rolesRead More →

One day, back in 2014, I was talking to my neighbour across the road about my husband as he’d broken his wrist falling off his bike and it was only a few weeks until the due date of our first baby. ‘How am I supposed to get to the hospital’? I lamented. ‘I should be able to rely on him to get me there’. He thought we could grab a cab or a lift with his friend, Steve, neither of which I was happy about. But I really couldn’t see what choice I’d been left with, after all, I could hardly drive myself there whenRead More →

This morning Al got up with the kids so I could get a bit more sleep. Lying in bed and listening to Lola, a thought occurred to me. I heard her footsteps. Never leisurely walking, but pounding the floor as she ran up and down the house. I heard her voice. Never talking but shouting with excitement. I heard her delighted shrieks of laughter when she found Elmo where Daddy had hidden him last night, peeking out of her doll’s house window. The thought that occurred to me was this. When she gets up in the morning, every day is Christmas, or her birthday. ToRead More →

The quote below from Gabrielle Palmer’s ‘The Politics of Breastfeeding’ is my favourite quote about breast milk and demonstrates the importance of encouraging breastfeeding to mothers: ‘If a multinational company developed a product that was a nutritionally balanced and delicious food, a wonder drug that both prevented and treated disease, cost almost nothing to produce and could be delivered in quantities controlled by consumers’ needs, the announcement of this find would send its shares rocking to the top of the stock market’. If a mother can give this amazing food to her child, then she should be supported in every way possible to help herRead More →