Postnatal Services

The initial period after you’re bundle of joy has arrived (known as post partum) can be difficult, especially for first time mums, but also if you’ve got a toddler or older siblings tearing around.
As a new mum, sometimes your needs end up coming last. What if you need a shower and the baby won’t sleep? Or you and your partner want to stay in bed and bond with the baby but some tidying needs doing, the dog needs walking or you need some shopping, or a nice meal cooked for you? What about if you’d just like to take a nap while someone takes the baby out for a walk or keeps baby or older siblings occupied for you? As your postnatal doula, I can do all these sort of things for you. Or I can just come round with some fruit (or cake), put the kettle on and listen to you if you need a friendly ear.

I can also help with breastfeeding which is especially important in the first few weeks when Mum and baby are both learning and when most of the common breastfeeding challenges (such as nipple pain, cracked nipples, mastitis) can occur.

I’m currently a mentored doula through Doula UK, my mentor is a Breastfeeding counsellor, a birth and postnatal doula, with extensive experience that I can call upon if needed. My mentor provides support for me behind the scenes and ensures that I offer the most professional and appropriate service to my clients.


I offer postnatal services in bundles of hours, starting at 20 hours. Whilst mentored, I’m offering great value rates. Please contact me for my price list.